CSCB09 Assignment 3: Processes and Parallelism


This term, we’re building the components of a simple file synchronization system. In the first assignment, you wrote code for computing the hash of input from standard input, so that we can identify when files have changed. In the second assignment, you wrote code to build and traverse a file tree. Finally, in this assignment, you’ll actually implement file synchronization by copying files from a source file tree to a destination file tree. (In essence, you will be implementing the functionality of  without any special options.) You’ll use multiple processes to complete this work in parallel, to (hopefully) speed up the task.

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Assignment 1: Command Line Arguments and Pointers


Over the course of the four assignments in this course you will implement different components of a simple file synchronization system. For examples, take a look at??or consider the services provided by OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. The components you’ll be asked to build could also form the basis for a version control system like??or?. In this, assignment, you’ll be writing a program to compute hash values for files.

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Node and MySQL

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北美代写,美国作业代写,网课代修,Assignment代写-100%原创Create a node program that has the following routes:

app.get(‘/employees’ …Displays the first 30 employees
app.get(‘/salaries’ ….Displays the employee full name with their current salary (30 rows)
app.get(‘/departments’ …Displays the employees full name with the name of their current department (30 rows)
app.get(‘/bosses’ …Displays the employees full name with the name of their current boss (30 rows)
app.get(‘/all’ …Displays the employee number, full name, current department, current salary and current boss.

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北美代写,美国作业代写,网课代修,Assignment代写-100%原创All output should be using Bootstrap, the result should be in a table.

北美代写,美国作业代写,网课代修,Assignment代写-100%原创Deploy your program on Leia, submit screenshot of each of the pages.